Providing a recording space to musicians throughout the area. We can help with any of your recording needs. Here artists can easily record their music and songs to share them with people


Mixing is the process of combining the different sonic elements of recorded music—such as vocals, instruments, and effects—into a final version, and our recording studio is specifically designed to reveal the most intimate sonic details.


Rehearsal is an activity that occurs as preparation for a performance in music, theater, dance and related arts. Our rehearsal studio is equipped with quality music gear and can accommodate most band sizes and configurations.

When searching for a professional recording studio, the H-One studio is definitely a place to be. Located in the heart of Surelere, Lagos, the studio features high quality recording gears and the perfect rooms for all styles of recording and mastering sessions (music, audio books, soundtrack or post production, live band and rehearsals).

In order to achieve quality results, create the perfect sound and bring your music to life, extra efforts were put into making the recording studio experience feel right. From the warm welcome at the reception with a wide sitting area, creatively acoustic treated rooms, relaxing sofas, ambient lights and state of the art security/surveillance system; this is simply the perfect place to bring out the best in you and your project.

Recording at the H-One studio is not just about the music, it is a unique level of technical sophistication and client comfort.


Our control room is both spacious and acoustically designed with producers and sound engineers in mind. The room which measures about 209 sq ft is treated with various absorbers, diffusers and sound reflectors to provide an accurate mixing environment. This means you know your mix will sound great both in the recording studio and when your project is played on other systems. This room features state of the art technical recording equipments, wood finish, ambient lighting system, comfortable fabric sofa, sight line to the live room and is fully air-conditioned


The Live Room which is also known as the rehearsal room or vocal booth is an air-conditioned 403 sq ft room which can accommodate large group of artistes/performers. The acoustics in this room are world-class and this makes a huge difference to the quality of the recorded sound. The ambient effects in the room give a relaxing feel and stimulating environment while playing with the band or recording your music. The room is fully isolated from the outside world. It also features several live instruments, fresh air replacement and an excellent sight line to the control room.

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33 Akerele Street,Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.